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ocaml-emacs-2.04-3.rh7.3 RPM for i386

From MetaPRL-related RPMs I am (or was) building regularly (built on Red Hat Linux 7.3)

Name: ocaml-emacs Distribution: Aleksey Nogin's RPMs <>
Version: 2.04 Vendor: INRIA Rocquencourt
Release: 3.rh7.3 Build date: Wed Jul 23 16:59:27 2003
Group: Development/Tools Build host:
Size: 97376 Source RPM: ocaml-2.04-3.rh7.3.src.rpm
Packager: Aleksey Nogin <rpm(at)>
Summary: Emacs mode for OCaml
Emacs mode files for Objective Caml language




part LGPL, part QPL


internal MD5: 49b6562e685891f6a458a3dc9f16b973


* Sun Apr 22 2001 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - RedHat 7.1
* Sat Feb 19 2000 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Fixed the profiler patch
* Sun Nov 21 1999 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Upgraded to ocaml-2.03
  - Added symlinks ocamlc.opt and ocamlopt.opt
* Sun Oct 10 1999 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Fixed a problem with asmcomp/ running out of string size limitation
* Tue Dec 29 1998 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Do not include any /usr/lib/ocaml/*.ml files
* Fri Dec 11 1998 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Updated to ocaml-2.01
* Sun Nov 29 1998 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Divided ocaml RPM into ocaml and ocaml-emacs RPMs 
    to make it easier to have both ocaml and caml installed
    on the same machine
* Tue Nov 10 1998 Alexey Nogin <ayn2(at)>
  - Changed SRPM according to RHCN Package Requirements
  - Added LICENSE, Changelog and README files to the doc directory



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