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Name: cudd Distribution: Aleksey Nogin's RPMs <>
Version: 2.4.1 Vendor: Aleksey Nogin <rpm(at)>
Release: Build date: Wed May 19 22:10:17 2010
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 915720 Source RPM:
Packager: Aleksey Nogin <rpm(at)>
Summary: CU Decision Diagram
The CUDD package provides functions to manipulate Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs), Algebraic Decision Diagrams (ADDs), and Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams (ZDDs). BDDs are used to represent switching functions; ADDs are used to represent function from $\{0,1\}^n$ to an arbitrary set. ZDDs represent switching functions like BDDs; however, they are much more efficient than BDDs when the functions to be represented are characteristic functions of cube sets, or in general, when the ON-set of the function to be represented is very sparse. They are inferior to BDDs in other cases.

The package provides a large set of operations on BDDs, ADDs, and ZDDs, functions to convert BDDs into ADDs or ZDDs and vice versa, and a large assortment of variable reordering methods.





internal MD5: 7c7039c292d7eda7144ebf3e1bafa0a3



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